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Welcome to Care-Bear-Villains!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our humble but growing group. This particular group is for the official villains of the "Care Bears" TV series, mainly the classic 1980's series by Nelvana and DIC, although villains from more recent series are welcome too, so long as they are of Care Bears. OC villains are allowed, as well.
From the most popular and well-known villains like No Heart and Dark Heart to the lesser renowned (and under-appreciated, IMO) ones like the Evil Spirit and the Wizard of Wonderland.
Whether the Care Bear Family likes it or not, the villains were what made the stories interesting and challenging, as well as what distinguished each episode or movie they appeared in (and that goes for villains of other fandoms in general).
So, seeing as how the Care Bears and Cousins get so much attention and popularity from fans all over, it only stands to reason that their enemies, the various villains, deserve a chance at it, too. After all, without Uncaring, there would be no Caring. Without Hate there would be no Love. No Good without Bad. And so on and so forth...

So, now that we have that out of the way, let's discuss some rules, shall we? (Because, yes, even villains have to have rules sometimes..)


1. You must be a fan of Care Bears, namely their enemies, in any form, to join. Obviously..

2. Anything submitted must feature AT LEAST ONE OR MORE CARE BEARS VILLAINS. Any content of simply the Care Bears and/or Cousins themselves acting as the good guys they are or any content featuring a villain from a whole other fandom with nothing to do with the Care Bears fandom doesn't count, I'm afraid. Sorry!
Like I said earlier, it can be an OC villain, sure. We even accept crossover art involving characters not even related to the Care Bears. Just as long as there is at least one Care Bears villain involved.

3. NO BASHING, TROLLING, FLAMING OR ATTACKING OF ANY KIND, PERIOD! This rule goes in all my groups and is possibly the most important rule of all. If you don't like a certain deviation/character/pairing/style of art, just hit the "back" button and leave it be. If it is something that is against the rules in any way, either myself or Amanda will take care of it. Otherwise, like I said, you know where the "back" button is. Just because we're fans of villains does not mean we get to act like them in real life. Anyone who is caught bashing and/or malevolently trolling others (especially the staff) will be BLOCKED.

4. Keep everything civil between yourself and your fellow members. If there is a dispute, please settle it between yourselves and do not involve the group. Thank you.

5. DO NOT SPAM CONTINUOUSLY. While we have no problem with submitting several deviations at once, the idea is to only submit each individual one ONLY ONCE PER DEVIATION. This means no swamping the staff with floods of deviations to submit, each one at a time, then delete your whole gallery, only to re-upload the whole thing and repeat the whole submission process. It has been found to be unfair and energy-draining to the staff here, considering many of us have real lives that we must tend to and do not need the extra stress of being spammed and re-spammed with the same floods of deviations.
If you're going to submit multiple deviations at a time, don't delete them. Especially don't re-upload them and try to re-submit them again and again.
..In fact, just to be safe, let's keep it to a maximum of 10 deviations a day, shall we?

6. If you are someone who has been blocked, (for good reason I might add), DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT FOR THE SAKE OF ATTEMPTING TO GET IN JUST TO START TROUBLE AND CALL ANYBODY "MEAN" FOR BLOCKING YOU. Believe me, it is not in my nature to want to go about blocking people willy-nilly. So if I have blocked someone without changing my mind, chances are it is more often than not for good reason. Because some people are just so screwed up that they won't listen to reason and they'll stop at nothing just to steal a certain person's soul. And since such things are not to be tolerated, in times like this what choice does one have but to block and keep blocked?:shrug:
If any of you find yourself in this position, that of any guilty party, I highly suggest that you forget about us. You will never be unblocked, if you're like that. It ain't happening. I suggest you move on and get out in the world a little bit, see what life has to offer you, and find something you're actually good at. Worst comes to worst, maybe even seek professional help..

7. We do accept mature content art. True, the fandom may be Care Bears. But the subject matter here is villains. And since most of these villains are adults, and human and/or humanoid in some way, it's only natural that they'll once in a while engage in.. things, if you please.;P
However, having said that, while things along the lines of suggestive art erotica/ecchi and even tastefully done nudity are okay, flat-out porn is NOT. Especially not of the Care Bears/Cousins. The villains are one thing, but the Care Bears/Cousins? They are innocent creatures and part of our childhoods, and we think that they really shouldn't be associated with that kind of stuff.

8. Last of all this group was founded for fans of CB villains to have a good time. (bad time?) So do just that--post artwork, chat with your fellow members, and overall just have fun.

Btw, we even have a chatroom! I highly encourage we not waste it.;)…

...Yeah, I know that was a lot. But worry not, most of the "heavier" stuff most likely does not apply to most of you. Just..certain "troublesome" individuals have to be taught, if you know what I mean.

..Anyway, you get the general idea. Enjoy yourself in the group, and keep Uncaring!

..And remember our slogan: "What's bad is good to us!!" :evillaugh:

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Hey guys! I've been meaning to introduced myself as a new founder, six months ago but I keep forgetting due to the holidays and real life issues. Luckily, now that summer is here, things have been better and it's slowing down, meaning more time to manage other groups and having fun at the same time. :D

As some of you know, Batsy-Fey has left the site due to personal reasons(we kept in contact in gmail) and I, Faerie-StarV volunteered to be a new founder. I had to make some minor changers such as the join button since others were having a problem of joining in. I set it to vote so I can allow you guys in(had to make sure your not a troll or a hater or even worse, a crazy obsessive rabid fan before admitting you in).

Other than that, since summer is here, now we can have a whole lot of summer villains fun! :D
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Heres my Care Bears villain OC!
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Technically yes, though I myself have been lying low and inactive as of late. Be that as it may, still feel free to contribute anything you wish, within the groups rules, of course. :)
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Thanks for the info :)
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:thanks: I even did a second take on Dai-Heart… I hope that one's alright too ^///^
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